Porsche 914/6 Outlaw [project]


When Gary forwarded the advert on Marketplace, we instantly recognised the car as the ex Pro-9 project car. 


Whilst we already have a 914 in the collection (still to be documented here), the 914/6 / track has always been an itch we wanted to scratch. 


We picked it up for the asking price including 2.0l flat 6 911T engine. Those familiar with the 914/6 derivative will know that the upgraded 2.0 litre was used in the original specification. The problem is it only produces 110hp which in our world is about the same as one of Gary's early morning race day farts! 

But what if we just happened to have a spare 911 3.4 RSR engine knocking around the workshop that when set up with a set of PMO Throttle bodies and mated to a 915 gearbox would produce 340 hp? And after all the 914/6 shell has been substantially lightened and panels replaced with GRP so as well as benefiting from the mid engined reverse mounting, the complete car could weigh in around 750kg. It wouldn't be elgible for CSCC Future classics (even with the relaxed introduction of group 1-4 race cars)..... in which case you could say it's an Outlaw..........


We're strapping ourselves in its going to take a year but its going to be one hell of a ride !!...............  


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