911 Martini Racing SC


So the time has come to say farewell to a firm favourite. With the addition of the new 911 RSR we couldnt justify keeping the SC going. So with a fresh coat of paint it looks great. Change the oil, bleed the brakes and its ready to race! Come and see it at Race Retro on the 23rd February and get ready to bid!!


Our car was purchased blind from the USA on Ebay for a snatch! We figured that if it wasn't great when it arrived we'd break it for parts as a last resort. It had a reasonable spec of race equipment and a recently rebuilt engine and Gearbox, so we decided it was worth a punt!



Originally a Colorado car it had raced reasonably well in the PCA (Porsche Club America) endurance series.  


Although it was a bit tatty it came full of spares and the original stripped out parts. We were pretty happy as most of all 

it was extremely straight and rust free.

The history file with the car was really comprehensive with 10 years worth of receipts for the modifications and equipment. 


We checked it over and apart from the odd fault most of the work was cosmetic and regulatory to compy with MSA regs.

Because of the base silver paint it was an obvious choice to change the look of the car to the Martini Racing livery. The front bumper was also replaced. Rial alloys together with a set of BBS mahle rims were used to replace the existing wheels.


By the close of the 2016  season we'd picked up a fair bit of knowledge which helped us realise our car was heavy, slow, didnt stop and wasn't set up at all well. We therefore implented a plan to improve and upgrade the car in virtually all areas to make it more competitive for the 2017 season. Have a look at the 'Blog' page to see more detailed pictures of the car as work in the closed season progesses.

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